Anxiety HypnosisStress. It’s everywhere you go. At work, at home, while driving, weekdays, weekends. You can’t escape it. The harder you try to resist, the more it appears, dragging you down, making your head foggy and clouding your day. Insomnia, headaches, body aches, feeling down or overwhelmed can all be caused by stress.

What if you felt healthier and more energized throughout the day? What if you slept better and woke up refreshed each morning? What if your mind was focused on happier thoughts and you could create your life the way you wanted?

Learn to have more control over your own mind and your own life with the powerful hypnosis techniques offered in our Stress Relief Program focused on anxiety hypnosis.  Your customized program will systematically help you relieve stress at home, work, and in your personal life.  Release negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt and hurt and empower yourself with self-hypnosis.  Like so many others, you can enjoy better sleep and experience a balanced mind and body to face life’s challenges with poise. Our goal is that you will feel centered, grounded, purposeful, valued, content, serene and happier.

Client Testimonials:

“Instead of my life living me, I can life my life!”

~Rebecca, Shadow Hills, CA


“It has been life-changing…made me a better parent…I wish I would have known about this before, I would have done it a long time ago.”

~Laurie, Burbank, CA


“I warmly recommend Kellie to anyone seeking help to make important life changes.”

~Antonie, Studio City, CA


“It was an incredibly relaxing experience. I really delved into my issues and found out what was holding me back. I feel better, I do better, I’m just happy.”

~Max, Burbank, CA


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The preceding stories are true stories of client success with hypnosis. None of these individuals have been paid or compensated in any way. Results are atypical as hypnosis success varies based on a person’s attitudes, behaviors and their commitment to using the skills taught in the hypnosis program.