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When people turn to hypnosis it’s usually out of desperation. They’ve tried everything they can think of like meditation, exercise, spiritual practice, willpower, support groups, apps, and nothing seems to work. They realize they need to change something, but they don’t know what exactly or how to do it.


Here at Burbank Hypnosis, you can get excited about the possibilities in your life again because you can expect results. You can learn exactly how to embrace change and thrive in your life through practical tools taught in our programs. Here’s some proof from actual clients.


Victoria’s story:


“I came for hypnosis because there was a lot of stress and anxiety in my life from work, relationships, lack of self-worth, and bad eating habits. After the consultation and 1st session, I immediately felt a positive change and calm in the away I responded to stressful situations. After 5 sessions and looking back to who I was in the beginning, I feel like a completely different person. I love myself more, appreciate the people around me, I’m exercising regularly, eating less junk, and can see/feel/hear more clearly. The recordings that I’m able to listen to at home and before bed have been helpful during my transition to a better me!! It feels great!!


Liz’s story:


“I was an on-again/off-again smoker mostly due to working in the music industry and feeling pressure of being on the road. At home, it was easier not to smoke but on the road seemed like the thing to do. Inherently I know I am not a smoker, hypnosis helped me take that knowingness to the goal line and helped me experience who I truly am. I’m here to tell you I’ve tried a lot of things but this really works.”


Shelley’s story:


“I had lost myself. I had no happy left in me. I was ready to make some rash decisions in my life because I had been beaten down for so long. My brain could never shut down. Always thinking of all the stressful situations I had going on in my life. It has been such an amazing experience learning hypnosis. It really has helped me so much in a way that I can see very clearly now everything is brighter. I can really tell you I’m at peace with me for the first time in a long time. I am happy again. I got me back. No more will I be a victim.”


Read more encouraging success stories and see how you can relate.


With the right tools and resources, more people can change their habits for good, and achieve more of what they want in life.


Did you know that hypnosis is 100% safe? Many doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, attorneys, police officers and teachers have studied hypnosis and utilized the techniques for themselves and their patients and students.


The thing that separates hypnosis from traditional methods of self care is the effectiveness, demonstrated by our many happy clients.



A Range of Programs


Here at Burbank Hypnosis, you can get genuine help for weight loss or stress reduction and there are even smoking programs, too. Some programs offer a written service guarantee.



Hypnosis in Burbank


It’s exciting to find that the community here in Burbank, California has embraced hypnosis very well. Many upstanding citizens, business owners and leaders in Burbank have been clients at Burbank Hypnosis and found success.


You can learn a lot more about how hypnosis can help you on our website but to really find out if hypnosis is right for you, schedule a free screening and discover if you can be accepted as a hypnosis client.


Why waste time repeating the old habits and methods that haven’t worked for you in the past? Escape the cycle and have fun doing it!

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