The following stories are true stories of client success with our hypnosis programs. None of these individuals have been paid or compensated in any way. Results are atypical as hypnosis success varies based on a person’s attitudes, behaviors and their commitment to using the skills taught in the hypnosis program.


“My weight had always been an issue for me, but I never reallly dealt with the true issue that made me eat. I was depressed and emotionally eating. I was unhappy with my weight and had to do something.

I have lost 15 pounds, 2 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my hips.

I have learned to view food differently. I have learned to believe in myself and to turn to other avenues when stress arises. Portion control, and creating new habits is definitely important as well as choosing the right foods to eat. I feel hypnosis is great for assistging in retraining the way we think.”


“I always knew when I chose to quit smoking, I would use hypnosis. Hypnosis addresses the hardest aspect of smoking which is the mental and emotional ties and triggers. I collected a few places to interview and Burbank hypnosis was referred to me by a close friend. I appreciated that the consultation was in person. I appreciated that Kelli interviewed how I would be as a client. I appreciated that sessions felt stylized to my own thought processes and my goals. I appreciated the guarantee that comes with Burbank Hypnosis. I was rather anxious and uncertain coming into my hypnosis, afraid I wasn’t ready, afraid it wouldn’t work. But Kelli made the whole process easy and reassuring. Even after just one session I was truly confident that I would succeed. Twenty-three years of addiction is gone, and now there is a whole new set of goals to dream up. “




“I originally came because I was generally unhappy and stressed. I was constantly sad, fearful, anxious and those emotions carried into my relationships.  Kellie helped me break free from all of the negative emotions that were tying me down and helped me learn to sleep without prescription meds for the first time in years. Kellie is so calm and compassionate and I always feel immediately relaxed and rejuvenated as soon as I get there and especially after I leave.  My family and friends have noticed a change in me.  My husband thinks I am very “cool” and much more laid back now. I don’t stress at all anymore-really at all! I am so very grateful.”






Marianna, Burbank Teacher:

” Before I came to Burbank hypnosis I was feeling very broken inside… anxiety-ridden, stressed, and worn out. I had just suffered a really bad breakup and wasn’t sure how I was going to survive it. With helpful tools, hypnosis has made my grieving process go by a lot faster. It provided me with relaxing tips, phrases to help with negative thoughts, and different ways to deal with my anxiety. I still have a ways to go with the grieving process, but I know these helpful tips will aide in my everyday life.”






“I have been travelling around the Pacific Northwest, exposed to some of the finest bacon in the land and I haven’t the slightest inclination to even smell it let alone eat it. I just wanted to say thank you.”







suzanneI came to Studio City Hypnosis to relieve stress. Before hypnosis I was incredibly stressed and worried, to the point that I would come home from work and not want to even be with my kids. I had previously tried relieving stress with meditation, yoga and exercise and it worked for a little while, but then I got stuck in the same rut again.

I considered going to Studio City Hypnosis so I came to the free consultation. Everything was explained fully and I didn’t feel pressure so I decided to try it. Within a few days, my behaviors had changed. It was fast and easy, and it took some effort to choose wisely when I realized my choices dictated my anxiety and panic.

I am happier and calmer. I also have seen glimmers of hope for a life that I choose, rather than being beaten down by anxiety and stress. Since my hypnosis sessions, I have not had a panic attack and my anxiety attacks are almost non-existent.  Being in control is being in a peaceful state of mind. It’s about knowing that I can be the person I want to be. It’s about having a choice to live my life as a conscious participant.

I have had a lot of comments from people saying I look more relaxed. Another friend told me that something seemed really different, and asked if I had lost weight.

I am proud of myself for addressing what I needed to address and making these changes has absolutely made me a better parent. I feel it was a smart investment and I would recommend Studio City Hypnosis to anyone who wants to relieve stress and improve their life.


Mother of three

Studio City, CA



Mary closeup

“I visited Studio City Hypnosis specifically for help with my fear of flying, which I have had for my entire adult life. While my fear of flying didn’t stop me from flying, it definitely affected my ability to enjoy travel in a pretty significant way. The anxiety would start a couple of days before the flight and continue until we landed. On our honeymoon trip my husband suggested to (pleaded with!) me that I look into different ways to address it. I inquired with a psychologist who referred me to Studio City Hypnosis, and I set up an appointment. And I’m so glad I did, it was great!
This was my first experience with hypnosis, and Kellie did a great job of explaining the process to me so I felt really comfortable with everything from the beginning. I now have new tools for relaxing pre and post flight, as well as during the flight itself. I also learned some of the root causes for my fear, and have been able to address those as well. And what’s more, I’ve found that the relaxation has carried over into my everyday life. In general, I feel more relaxed and centered, and when I don’t, I know I have a couple of tools in my back pocket ready to go anytime and anywhere. My experience with hypnosis was that it wasn’t like a magic wand was waved over me, but rather a way to inquire deep within and access new parts of myself that I wasn’t aware of before. I now have an ability to be aware of my thoughts, even when I’m in fear, and know that I have a choice about whether or not I want to be fearful. This is huge for me, to be able to step outside of the fear enough to get a handle on it. I have never been able to do this before. I have taken one flight since my sessions and I can say it was definitely successful. My fear was reduced, even during turbulence. And my husband noticed a difference in me too!
I’m so glad that I found Studio City Hypnosis and would definitely recommend Kellie to anyone looking to find new tools to deal with stress or fear. It was a great experience overall for me!”

Los Angeles, CA





I’ve been practicing yoga since early 2003. With the practice I thought I had learned enough to deal with issues such as everyday stress, anxiety and day to day issues that all of us have in our lives.

But for the past couple of years I have been overwhelmed with issues that have built up over time which I was not able to handle. I allowed these issues to cause me more stress and depression then I have ever had. Even with my yoga practice I was not able to level out.

Then I asked one of my yoga teachers, Kellie Smith, if she thought hypnosis could help. I knew she was a certified hypnotist and had her own business. She is terrific. She was able to give me the tools I need to work on the issues with which I have been dealing. She is personable, energetic and very positive. With her help I have made great progress and will continue to do so.

I highly recommend Kellie as a hypnotist as well as a yoga teacher. I highly recommend her business, Studio City Hypnosis, to anyone who has any personal issues in which they feel trapped. She will show you there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train coming at you.

Daniel Belsky

Burbank, CA



steve_fixed.258234639I had considered going to Studio City Hypnosis for about a month.  I decided to go because I’ve been through hypnosis before and I know how powerful it can be and I got a really good vibe from Kellie as a person.  You don’t want to put yourself in the hands of someone you don’t feel comfortable with.  Also, back when I was married we went through some marriage counseling, the counseling was okay but hypnosis gets to the root of things and it works faster so that’s why I chose Studio City Hypnosis.

 It was a very positive and beautiful space, it had a great feeling to it and was professional and personal at the same time.

 I was very impressed by the free consultation.  Kellie was able to narrow down the issues and knew how to treat or attack them.  Her intuition showed through coupled with her experience and training.

 It was a powerful session and my response to the work we did was much deeper and more profound and emotional than what I expected.  I was able to connect with memories in a way I didn’t think I would have been able to. What impressed me the most was my emotional reaction, how it brought stuff up. Talking about things that were brought to the surface and getting it out, helped to clear it out and move some of it along.  The session was incredible.  When you experience something that deep and that emotional, you know it’s going have benefits and it’s going to affect you.

 There’s been a big development since the session.  Apparently it opened something up in me, it’s hard to measure the results for sure but I’m dating again.  It’s someone I have known for a while.  Prior to the session I had a conflict about dating.  She must have seen something different in me after the session because she reached out to me.

 I would definitely recommend Studio City Hypnosis to anyone who wants to improve their life.

 Steve Rush

Owner of Rush Quality Environments

Sherman Oaks, CA



antonieI came to Studio City Hypnosis, because I had been addicted to chocolate for several years and couldn’t get it under control no matter what I tried.  My eating habits were very unhealthy as I would eat a huge amount of sweets and then not eat anything else for the entire day or even the next, because I didn’t want to gain weight.  I started suffering from insomnia, because of the caffeine and became less social as I didn’t want to eat in company.  On top of it all came that I was ashamed of my problem and that many people didn’t take it seriously, because it was “just chocolate”.  

Before I came to Kellie, I had tried many different things.  I had worked with a life coach, I tried keeping a journal about it, so I could find out why I needed it and informed myself about healthier ways to eat, but nothing really worked.  I had heard that hypnosis could help with addictions, but it took me a long time before I finally decided to give it a try.  Now, I’m so glad I did!  

Kellie is very warm and supportive and quickly got to the bottom of my problem.  Since our first session I haven’t touched a single piece of chocolate and don’t even crave it.  Even better, I started making much healthier choices in general, have become more social again and feel better about myself.  

I’m so happy with my results and I warmly recommend Kellie to anyone seeking help to make important life changes.”

Antonie Geuking


Studio City, CA


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